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Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation Adult Use Cannabis Program:

List of Adult Use Dispensaries in Illinois:

Other information & topics that can be found at IDFPR (

Adult Use License for New Dispensing Organizations

Information for Purchasers

Information for Responsible Vendor Training Organizations

Laws and Rules

Illinois Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act (410 ILCS 705/):

Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA),4601,7-154-89334_79571---,00.html

Michigan Medical Marijuana Facilities Licensing:,4601,7-154-89334_79571_78089---,00.html

Michigan Medical Marijuana Program (Patients & Caregivers):,4601,7-154-89334_79571_79575---,00.html

Michigan Adult Use (Recreational Marijuana):,4601,7-154-89334_79571_95189---,00.html​

Michigan Social Equity (Adult Use Marijuana):,4601,7-154-89334_79571_93535---,00.html​

Michigan Adult Use and Medical Marijuana Applications and Forms:,4601,7-154-89334_79571_87302---,00.html

Michigan Marijuana Laws, Rules, Bulletins, Grants, and Other Resources:,4601,7-154-89334_79571_82631---,00.html

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